Marketing During Quarantine: DOs and DON'Ts

In this article, we will discuss how to handle marketing during the quarantine. This crisis already brought us a cliff-drop decrease in cash flow. Unlike the majority of economic processes that undertake the sinusoidal pattern, crisis happens with spikes. We have just seen the downward spike. It's essential that we treat this situation as a delay of income, not its loss. When the crisis is over, people will still need their hair cut, cars serviced, and accounting books managed. We need to make sure that our businesses are ready for recovery, which will also happen in a spike.

The main points you as a business owner should cover:

  • Mitigate the immediate negative impact
  • Make the best use of your quarantine time
  • Prepare for recovery
marketing during quarantine

Mitigate the impact

The crisis is temporary and will end soon. Your reputation is long-lasting.


1. Support your employees during the crisis. They are the ones who will recover your business after the disaster is over. Different companies would have different possibilities; some might be very short on resources. In any case, do what you can and be transparent with your team.

Maintain communication with your team during the quarantine. They mustn't feel abandoned. If the government offers any wage compensation, make sure to communicate this to your team. Think of how you may involve them in activities we will touch in the second part of the article.

2. Develop a cash flow plan for the crisis period. Cut the costs on everything feasible. This is the right moment to read your contracts. See if you have a clause with your landlord regarding force majeure conditions.

Stay fair with your business partners. Crisis touches everybody. When looking for a solution to any dispute, remember that your counterpart is also affected by the crisis.


Don't try to ride the hype wave. Did you manage to set your entire team for remote work? Well done! That's precisely what is expected from all employers. Don't boast this in social media. This would look cheap and do more harm than good to your reputation. Did you help your community? Don't shout about your philanthropy. Let others talk on your behalf and be sure they will.

Make the best use of your time during the quarantine

The governments and the World Health Organization ask people to stay at home and suggest ideas on how to use this time smartly. Essentially you need to do the same with your business. One of the obvious downsides of the crisis is the forced decrease in business operational activities. We need to transform this threat into an opportunity. Invest your time in business activities you never had the time to do before.


1. Now that you have fewer burning operational issues - think strategy. Check what your competition has been after lately. Were there any new products or groundbreaking technology releases in your industry? When was the last time you checked what people discuss about your industry and your brand specifically? The pause in operations is an excellent opportunity to improve your marketing efficiency.

2. Create SEO-friendly content. It requires time (which you finally have) and a bit of research that you can hire someone to help you with. You don't need to be a writer to create useful stuff. You can do it yourself or engage the team members who're less occupied with operational tasks. If you do it right, you will start seeing results a few months after publication – meaning right when you need it.


Don't allow yourself to think you're on vacation. There's plenty of things to do.

Plan your operations recovery.

The crisis and quarantine will end as quickly as they started. The day the government announces the end of the quarantine, you need to be ready to satisfy the spike of demand for your service. Speed will play a decisive role here. It will be a battle for your previously loyal customers who would be unsure if you're back to work. Moreover, it will be a battle for loyal customers of your competitors who might not be prepared.

Make sure you have the following under control:

  • Communication campaign that your business is open
  • Employees ready to start working as of day one after the quarantine is over
  • Processes to cope with the spike of requests during the first few days after the quarantine is over.


1. Plan and develop a marketing campaign dedicated to the return to full speed operations. You may think of it as a relaunch of your business. You can have all the ads, landing pages, emails, and other materials ready, waiting for your green light.

2. Plan the resources (communication and operational) for the spike of requests and visitors. Think of it as of Black Friday: people were withholding certain products and services for a long time waiting for the right moment. The difference is that this will touch the sectors that are not experienced with the Black Friday wave.


1. Don't expect to have the same level of your customers' loyalty after your return to full speed. You would need to remind about yourself after the breakout and communicate that you're back from quarantine.

2. Don't expect your competitors to be dormant during the breakout. They might have been preparing for something as well.

When life gives us a quarantine, let's squeeze the best use out of our free time. Let's talk! We will offer budget-friendly solutions and will teach your staff to run the execution themselves.

Let's talk and see how we can help your business. No strings attached.