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CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization has probably the biggest impact on the bottom line among all marketing tools. We feel sad each time the client sets the monthly traffic volume as the ultimate objective. It should be the number of sales or revenue volume. To get more sales, you need to work in two directions: getting more visitors and making better use of these visitors. The later is usually more cost-effective.

CRO cycle

Conversion rate optimization is a continuous work which goes in cycles:

  1. Develop a hypothesis of what to improve on your website to drive more sales.
  2. If the solution is an obvious win – implement right away. If the solution is opportunistic – test.
  3. Monitor the results.
  4. Develop the next hypothesis.

Does CRO equal A/B testing?

A/B test is a great tool that has to be used wisely. It's essential to have a decent search volume for the test results to be statistically significant; we're talking thousands of visits per day. You need to test major elements like prices, user flow, video vs images, etc. We don't recommend anybody to waste resources on testing the color of a button or the font size.

Titanium Buzz logo

The client

Titanium Buzz is an e-commerce selling men's wedding rings. It's a well-developed business with an excellent portfolio and reputation. 

The objective

The challenge was to improve conversions from both paid and organic channels.

What we did

Stage 1

We set up the HotJar system to see the recordings of real visits to the website. Conclusions:

  • Visitors are confused with an extensive portfolio and complex navigation.
  • The names of collections are not self-explanatory.
  • People are more eager to browse through the website if they landed on a collection page.

We updated the navigation and concentrated our SEO efforts on driving traffic to collection pages.

Stage 2

Reduced the number of products to ease the choice and simplify navigation. The total number of delisted products was 1,200+, accounting for 70% of the assortment and 15% of sales weight

The results

Stage 1

We increased the number of visitors (+40%) and the conversion rate (+44%). Both factors positively affected the bottom line (+101%).

Titanium Buzz navigation
Titanium Buzz conversions
Stage 2
  • Organic traffic decrease further affected by Covid pandemic: -25%
  • Conversion rate increase: +60%
  • Revenue increase: +10%

Revenue increase at the beginning of 2020 for a business related to weddings was a rare case.

portfolio optimization

What are the best tools for CRO analysis?

We usually use HotJar, which allows us to "spy" after the visitors. We can check if the user is paying attention to what they see on the page. We'll register the clicks, mouse movements, what was the last thing they did before leaving the page. Ethics-wise, there are no issues. There's no way to identify the user; the only personal information we will know is the country.

Does it have to be that difficult?

No, it doesn't. There are cases when we can spot some imperfections, that definitely go against marketing best practices. In this case, we can suggest changes right away without tests or additional research.

What if I want you to implement the change?

Our web development team would be delighted to hear that and ready to help you out.


The outcome

You get actionable instructions on what to change on your website based on the direct and indirect feedback of your audience.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Starting at only $500. Timing depends on the amount of traffic, starting with five working days.

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