Operating Business

If you own a well-developed business but still stumbled upon this page, most probably, you will find one of the cases relevant.

A well-established business is losing sales to runners-up. You should:

  • Review the marketing strategy to make sure it is still efficient.
  • Decompose the sales funnels of competitors to learn what makes them successful.
  • Implement changes to the business model even though everything used to work in the past.

A well-established business is plateauing while you expect it to grow. You should:

  • Analyze the efficiency of lead generation channels.
  • Check if you're doing everything to convert the leads into the paying customers.
  • Ensure the efficiency of operations. Maybe you could free some funds for marketing.
  • Consider planning an expansion. Maybe you reached the ceiling of the current business setup, and it is time to pitch for investments and scale-up.

A well-established business demonstrates excellent performance. You want to maintain results while spending less time working. You should: