Pre-Launch Campaigns

We all envy J. K. Rowling in a good way. A great bunch of books is ordered before the launch, and people are queuing in front of bookstores on the release day. Why wouldn’t you want to organize a queue for your product? While your R&D team is doing their magic, we will arrange a pre-launch campaign.

The process

Every project is bespoke, however most of them go through this process:

  • Research of the customers' needs.
  • Planning of the project scope with detailed action plan and budget estimation.
  • Development of the content plan.
  • Content creation.
  • Launch, monitor performance and adjust accordingly.
  • Post-launch results report.

The options

We will work together to find the optimal approach. Here are the popular scenarios.

1. Database creation. We create content on your website useful for your target audience. They get the answers to their questions from the blog posts. To download additional content (i.e. templates, examples, forms, etc.), they give us their email address. Thus, by the time of the launch, you get a database of people interested in the subject of your business. Moreover, they already have positive attitude to your brand, since you helped them free of charge.

2. Waiting list. We get people to your website through ads or content. We inform them on the benefits of your future service and ask if they want to be the first to know when your service is launched. People who subscribed are the warm leads with very high conversion potential. The optimal time gap between the subscription and the launch is below one month - you don't want your potential customers to forget about your existence by the time you reach out to them.

Eazyplan logo

The client

Eazyplan is a marketplace for event management industry. It will unite clients with venue owners, organizers, and service providers (catering, security, limousine, florists, etc.). While the development team is cracking the code, we did the following.

The objective

Create the waiting list of customers.

What we did

We created the blog with 45 posts sharing valuable tips about events management. Each post gives an idea that when launched, the system will streamline the process described in the post. Those who share the email will get a notification on the launch day. 

Did a bit of link building via HARO to take the site off the ground.

Spent $0 on paid traffic.

The results

Each month about 300 people join the queue.

pre-launch campaign visitors
pre-launch campaign waiting list

Campaign planning

We will make a thorough plan analyzing the customers' needs and best practices. It's not about being creative, it's about being smart and well-organized.

Perfection in execution

Our team of professional copywriters, designers and web developers are excited to get started.


The outcome

Get hundreds of sign-ups on the launch day.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Starting at only $970.

Timing significantly varies on the scope from a few days up to a year.

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