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If you are not on the internet, you don’t exist. With our web development services, you will get your digital identity.

What is your development process?

It depends. The scale of the project (one-pager vs. official corporate site) and the future use of the website (the proof of the company’s existence to tax authorities vs. lead generation and conversion) define the process. Below are the extreme examples, and there may be many scenarios in between.

The easy one-pager

  1. Choose the theme.
  2. Develop the messages.
  3. Build a draft in the sandbox using the theme. Not yet visible to Google or anybody who doesn’t have a direct link.
  4. Launch after a few revisions.

The sales-generation machine

  1. Develop a marketing strategy: sales funnel, brand positioning, messages, content plan.
  2. Develop the website structure to accommodate the sales funnel.
  3. Build wireframes or prototypes to see the big picture and potentially make changes in the strategy.
  4. Choose a flexible theme.
  5. Build templates for all the types of pages according to the sales funnel (i.e., service description, blog posts, checkout, landing pages, product pages, etc.)
  6. Develop custom creatives: illustrations, videos, animations, etc.
  7. Build a fully functional site in the sandbox and test it.
  8. Move the site to permanent hosting.
  9. Install all the marketing automation tools.
  10. Do technical SEO work.
  11. Test again.
  12. Train the team to use, maintain, and update.
alpenblick logo

The client

Alpenblick is a real estate project in Switzerland.

The objective

Build a marketing website to rent the apartments based on floor plans.

What we did

We built a one-page website with the following conversion features:

  • Custom renders of the rooms to show the sophistication of the project.
  • Mapping of the apartments on the building render. The visitor can see where each apartment is located.
  • Designed floor maps with the PDF download possibility.
  • Status section to see which of the apartments are still available.

The results

40% of the apartments were booked during the first week after the website release.

alpenblick render
alpenblick mapping
alpenblick room plan

Custom or theme-based?

It depends. If you need to have a dynamic functionality of your marketing website with a different message depending on the user’s demographics or other triggers, you probably should look at custom solutions. If you’re thinking of custom development just for the sake of being different, consider the following:

  • Currently, there are more than 30 thousand different themes for WordPress alone;
  • Many of those themes allow much customization;
  • If you think that there’s no such theme that would accommodate your original idea, most probably you didn’t spend enough time on research;
  • The cost of custom development and the pain of its maintenance aren’t perhaps worth the feeling of being unique.

If we talk about the functional side of the business (i.e., SaaS), custom development is the only way to go.

What is the best platform/CMS?

It depends. For e-commerce:

  • Small portfolio, you want to build and manage the site yourself – Shopify.
  • Broader portfolio, you don’t need to have a lot of automation and analytics – Shopify/Woocommerce.
  • Significant portfolio, you want to use the marketing bells and whistles – Magento.

For service websites, we recommend WordPress in the majority of cases.


The outcome

A fully functional website.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Starting at $800 and one week.

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