Business Idea

You have a new business idea. You are a subject matter expert in what you do but don’t have enough time or knowledge to manage the marketing side. We’ll take off your shoulders the marketing tasks that will turn your idea into a successful startup.

You can split ideas into two buckets.

Challengers to the existing market

A better, faster, cheaper way to deliver the familiar value to the customer. Equipped with the necessary tools, you can research the best practices of the market, quantify the demand, and assess future marketing investments. That’s exactly where our marketing strategy comes in handy.

See the samples of the strategies developed for multiple clients.

A breakthrough

These are very rear animals and require special treatment. This type of companies needs to create a market. There’s no point in searching for evidence of market demand. People don’t acknowledge that they need something before they can experience it. People didn’t realize they needed the copy machine or a smartphone before these devices were invented and mass-communicated. This type of idea should go straight into MVP creation.

See the case study of our favorite MVP project.