Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is one of the tools for leads acquisition. It is applicable for most of the industries and allows you to capture leads at the top of the funnel. Thus, by the time the person is getting closer to making the purchase decision, they already perceive you as a subject matter expert.


Long-lasting effect. On average, you will need to refresh your content once or twice per year slightly. It will be bringing you a consistent amount of leads until someone else creates a better piece of content to outrank you.

Great ROI. If you have a well-established business and had some activity online, most probably you already have a decent number of backlinks. In this case, you will mostly have to invest in content creation. If you haven’t been active online, you would also need to build your domain strength via link building, which takes some time and effort. Depending on the domain strength, we see content marketing showing better ROI than paid traffic starting from the end of the first year or middle of the second year of work.


Results take time. On average, you should see the early traction within a month, and the content reaches its potential six months after. Timing may vary depending on the competitiveness of keywords and the current level of domain strength.

Hard to plan and predict results. None of the search engines reveal their algorithms entirely. The SEO community is using big data and different experiments to understand which tactics work and which don’t. Still, the algorithms are updated a couple of times per year. Thus, we have a decent understanding of what works today but may only guess what will work tomorrow.

Sit back

We will manage the whole cycle for you:

  • Content plan creation based on a thorough keywords analysis;
  • Copywriting and proofreading of the articles;
  • Development of custom illustrations or acquisition of the illustrations ensuring the possibility of commercial use;
  • Publishing the content on your site with all the necessary on-site SEO work.

The homework

There are some pre-conditions to successful content marketing:

  • No technical issues on the website. The site is mobile-friendly, the loading speed is within market standards, there are no penalties for previous SEO black-hat techniques.
  • The domain strength is in-line with your aspirations for keywords difficulty.
  • You do not target the same keywords with content which is already published on your website.

Our web development team will be happy to assist you with all the due diligence work.

Stone and Tile

The client

Stone&Tile Shoppe is an e-commerce selling tiles and exterior stone in the US.

The objective

The objective was to bring more leads to the website via organic traffic. The challenge is to outrank direct competitors and marketplaces with significantly stronger domains.

What we did

We created bespoke text descriptions for collection pages to capture leads who are ready to make the purchase.

We created blog posts tailored to those people who are planning the renovation of their homes and start learning about the industry.

We started working on domain strength, getting backlinks through HARO, and doing guest posting.

The results

  • Organic traffic grew x20 since we started in Sep’19 and continues growing.
  • Traffic value increased x25. To get the same traffic through ads, the client would spend $27K monthly only for the media budget, not to mention the ads management fees.
  • We reached the first position for the most valuable term "granite tile", overtaking the giants like HomeDepot, Lowe's, and others. The traffic goes directly to the collection page.
stone and tile performance
granite tile
collection description
blog post example

Infographics is the best content.

This is correct if:

  • You have a lot of data which might be interesting for the general public;
  • You have a plan and enough connections to distribute the infographics;
  • You are interested in a traffic pike, rather than continuous flow.

In other cases, the good old text content would be the go-to format.

I want my content to go viral.

We all do. And it will be possible if:

  • You have something special to tell the world: technical or scientific breakthrough, you caught the Kennedy’s killer, you have some relation to any celebrity, etc.
  • You have a smart and original thing to say within a few hours in response to a resonating event: Greta’s speech, Donald’s tweet, Half-Life 3 release, etc.
  • You are ready to generate content on shocking topics.

Otherwise, we can create something meaningful, controllable, and useful for brand image and leads acquisition.


The outcome

You get the content that converts visitors into paying customers.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Starting with three working days.

Starting with $80 per piece. 

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