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Leads generation is not about setting up an ads campaign on social media or Google Ads. It’s about understanding your audiences’ needs and their stages of buying decision-making process. When you have these mapped out, the choice of the tool comes naturally. The setup of the marketing tool requires a narrow skillset. Like with any craftmanship, to have a solid result, you need to have the project and the executor. Even if the best construction team were building the house, it would still be ugly if it was designed ugly by the architects.

Understanding the decision-making process

Marketing authors developed hundreds of models trying to explain and visualize the process. Essentially, there are two parameters: readiness to make the purchase and acknowledgment of the need.

State 1. Acknowledges the need and ready to buy. These people look for the vendor and compare prices and complementary services. Where to buy a robot vacuum cleaner with delivery to my door by tomorrow?

State 2. Acknowledges the need and not ready to buy. They are not sure if the products or services offered by the market can meet their needs. How much time do you save per year using a robot vacuum cleaner?

State 3. Does not acknowledge the need and not ready to buy. These people are frustrated with the current state, but they never considered a product or service from your market. What are life hacks for cleaning the house faster?

Addressing the decision-making process

Most of the businesses try to capture leads in State 1. This creates high competition and drives the cost per lead to the sky. In general, capturing these leads requires the least sophistication and the most significant budget.

Whichever industry you work in, you can target leads on all three states trying to drive them from State 3 to State 1 and finally to purchase from you. In the chewing gum business, getting from State 3 to State 1 may happen in one second. In the process optimization consultancy business, the same path may take more than a year.

It’s essential to study the needs, fears, and rejections of your audience on each stage of the funnel and guide them along.

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The client

Better Legal is helping individuals and startups form an LLC or other legal entity in the US.

The objective

Optimize the existing Google Ads account to decrease the cost per acquisition.

What we did

We analyzed the current setup of the account, which was quite advanced. We extended the semantic core and tweaked the targeting a bit.

The results

Decreased the cost per acquisition by 24%

Lead generation tools

When you understand your objectives for each type of customer on each stage of the funnel, it’s time to pick the proper channel and tool.

There’s no magic bullet. Each of the tools has advantages and disadvantages. The popular tools for leads acquisition are:

  • Paid and organic traffic through search engines
  • Paid and organic traffic through social media
  • Personal sales during events or neighborhood canvassing
  • Reach out campaigns by email or physical mail

Why would you need a lead generation agency?

The developers of lead generation tools try to make them user-friendly and autonomous. The day will come when agencies and freelancers will be pushed out of this market. It didn’t happen yet.

Working with us you will enjoy these benefits:

Analysis and strategy. Every business owner thinks they know their market. In most cases, we can surprise our clients with insights about their market. We have access to different research tools, and we bring expertise from various industries and geographies.

Efficiency in operating the tools. If you have enough time and have at least basic computer literacy, you will be able to set up the lead generation tools yourself. Most probably, you will do it not the optimal way. You will be burning cash before the professional comes in to fix the setup.


The outcome

The constant flow of people interested in buying from you.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Depending on the project and tools, the setup takes from a few days to a few months.

Starting with just $500.

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