Brand Development Services

Brand development is the process that starts the moment you think of a business idea and ends the moment you decide to close the business. It would be best to leave the very minimum of it to chance. The earlier you, as a business owner, structure your thoughts, the easier it will be for your team to work with the brand further.

The process

Brand development goes hand in hand with marketing strategy creation. These processes have several steps in common. A strong brand must resonate with your customers and be distinct versus competition.

  • Research the customer to understand the needs and pain points.
  • Research the competition to understand the communication clutter you will try to breakthrough.
  • Understand your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. This is the explanation of how you address the needs of your customers better than your competition.
  • Develop a brand voice. Considering your USP, audience, and competition, should your brand be bold or subtle, intelligent or funny, comforting, or edgy?
  • Develop a brand story. If your brand was a human or a fictitious creature, what would it tell about itself?
  • Develop a brand book. It’s just a graphical representation of all the above.

A brand is not a logo

A pitfall many entrepreneurs fall into is starting with a name and logo development. It’s way more efficient to look for graphical means of telling a story than vice versa.

A logo is one of the building blocks of your brand. At the same time, there will be cases when it is the only block representing your business. And there will be cases when other people will use your logo on your behalf and wouldn’t bother reading your guidelines. Let’s imagine you are one of the sponsors of the conference or the nominee for a reward. The organizers will use the common style guide to accommodate the logos of all participants. You’d better be prepared.

A good logo needs to tick the following boxes:

  • Work well in color and monochrome.
  • Looks good as human-sized or coin-sized.
  • Has square and landscape versions.
Facts to Go logo

The client

Facts2Go is a marketplace where investors can find reports and data to help them make smart decisions, and research firms and investment banks sell their analytical reports.

The objective

Develop the launch strategy, MVP and the brand for the soft launch.

What we did

While working on the strategy, we did an extensive research, that helped us to come up with the concept.

After the concept approval, we developed the logo and the minimal set of visualization sufficient for the soft launch.

brand book example
brand book reference

Who needs a brand book?

The brand book offers consistency of visual representation of your brand across different media. The more people (employees and external stakeholders) use your brand to talk about you, the more likely you need a brand book. If you are a sole entrepreneur and plan to stay with this business setup, you probably don’t need a brand book at all.

When to invest in brand development?

A catchy name or a logo will not bring you customers by themselves though they play a role in building the perception of your company by your target audience. If you are at the very beginning of your business journey, there are plenty of marketing facets that deserve a bigger portion of your attention. If you’ve passed the launch phase and work on refining your marketing efforts, the brand should be one of the focus areas.


The outcome

The concept, logo, implementation guidelines, source files.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Starting with 2 weeks.

Starting with $950. 

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