Remote CMO Services

Remote CMO service is one of the services that allow you to free up some of your precious time for something that matters. Who said you could delegate only simple tasks?

Benefits of hiring a remote CMO

You get a professional in your team for a fraction of the salary you would pay to local employees.

No HR, legal, or stationary hassle.

Flexible working hours: full time, part-time, or sporadic consultancy.

Possibility to create a dedicated marketing team overseas, which would save your cost even further.

Who needs a remote CMO?

This service is a good fit for you if you recognize at least some of these pains:

  • You plan to launch a startup. You are already wearing the CEO and CTO hats and want to have someone reliable to manage marketing.
  • Your business is plateauing, and you’re happy with it. You plan to have a long vacation or dedicate your time to other business ventures. You want somebody to keep an eye on your business and maintain its performance.
  • You have been in the business for quite some time, and you are not happy with its performance. You need someone unbiased to take a fresh look and drive the change.

Hire our co-founders as your remote CMOs

remote CMO

The process

We’ll ask many questions to understand your business need and offer you the optimal setup. You’re the boss. We’ll adjust the reporting procedure, decision-making freedom, contract duration, and marketing expenses to your needs.

Restrictions to hiring a remote CMO

Probably the only definite no-go setup regarding remote CMO is when you have an established local marketing team working in one office. Having a remote department head will backfire with multiple HR-related issues. At the same time, if the existing marketing team is spread across various locations, having a remote CMO works well.


The outcome

A new team member working for you full time or part-time.

Timing and cost

Timing and cost

Flexible contract duration.

Starting with $5000 a month. 

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