How we can help

Tired of time-consuming operational tasks? Start planning how to invest your time into things that matter while we handle the routine. Extrabrains services include but are not limited to:

Research / Data

  • Market overview
  • Investigate your competitors
  • Find and compare service providers
  • Find facts and figures
  • Find customer prospects based on defined criteria
  • Compile industry/technology overviews to keep you updated
  • Make transcriptions of audio and video files
  • Database input and maintenance

Marketing / Sales

  • Create your website and landing pages
  • Make your website SEO-friendly
  • Manage your social media and blog accounts
  • Monitor social media for comments and respond on your behalf
  • Compile marketing statistics from different sources
  • Create and manage email campaigns
  • Analyze your sales data
  • Make calls to your leads
  • Email and chat support based on your knowledge base
  • Make telemarketing calls
  • Manage sales administration

Administration / Personal

  • Manage your email (rules, inbox clean-up, answer emails on your behalf)
  • Manage your schedule (arrange meetings, send reminders, book facilities)
  • Manage your business trips and vacations (book flights, transfers and hotels; arrange entertainment)
  • Suggest new restaurants
  • Request and compile offers from different vendors
  • Manage personal requests (buy gifts on your behalf; organize entertainment)
  • Plan events (personal and business)

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